Uganda is a tiny East African country with rich in nature, the country is blessed with 10 national parks murchison falls national park being the biggest and most and frequently visited tourist destination, 12  wld reserves, 13 wildlife sanctuaries and 5 community wildlife management areas endowed with a lot of natural tourist attractions among them are national parks situated in different parts of the nation. And amongst the parks that attracts a lot of revenue to the country, before the Covid-19 pandemic broke out all over the world, Uganda used to receive over 6.5 millions tourists and this would attract millions of dollars to the country, these parks include the following as below.

MURCHSON FALLS NATIONAL PARK.As this place remains one of the biggest national park the country is blessed with, found in north western part of the Uganda covering an area of over 3600 square kilometers in districts of Hoima,  masindi, Buliisa, Nwoya kiryandongo and  kibale Districts of Uganda all found in the great Albertine region the Oil rich corridor of the country. Gazetted in 1926 officially established as a national park in 1952, it was formerly known as Kabalega National park the names that was derived to a historical king who resisted the colonial rule by stagging a resistance against the British Colonial rule until he was finally deposed and exiled in early years of the 18th century.

It remains one of the tourists one stop destination in this tiny country of East African country normally coined as the PEARL OF AFRICA.

Karuma falls is located in this Uganda’s biggest national park as its main tourist attraction because of its falls and different animals species that gather at this spot especially in the dry seasons of the year. This where the nile pours and boosts its way through the narrow gorge and went ahead to form a river that is filled with most aquatic mammals that includes, Hippos, crocodiles and waterbucks and mainly the park is a home over 76 mammals and over 400 bird species making it the best tourist destination in Uganda.




This place harbors Buffalos, Elephants, Crocodiles,Lions, Leopards, Chimpanzees, Rothchilds Giraffes, Warthog,Uganda kobs, Jacksons hartebeest and among others.

Birds in this animal home includes Grey Clowned Crested Crane, shoe bills, the Giant king fisher, Abyssinian ground hornbill,Nightjars, the Goliath Heron, Marabou stock among others.


Tourists normally enjoy viewing a variety of wild animals and other species in this places which includes the vegetation of the savannah wood land ant the nature of this beautiful African country, an activity that is usually done in the morning , night and evening hours when the climate is favorable for the animals and human life with moderate temperatures, arrived out within the park with utmost memorable experience ever since visitor are able to see almost every living mammal in this great park. 

Notable in the game drive that will always be memorable is done at night where tourist are able to view nocturnal animals like lions as they hunt their prey which is different from other game drives since several animals come out of their hidings in the area and keep together as families.


 As earlier mentioned this is one of the top spot that makes the park as the most visited tourist destination in the country. At this waterfalls is where the current name Murchison fall national park was derived from as it was formally referred to Kabalega National Park the name of the Great king of  Bunyoro Kitara kingdom the famous OMUKAMA KABALEGA who fought against the British colonial rule, and its at this point that the river is formed “the nile river”.plying the northern route corridle up to the Mediterranean Sea in North African country of Egypt.


This national park is rich in several bird species and most tourist visit this are to have a clear view them of which includes the 400 bird families living in Murchison falls national park. Among these are the water birds like the African fish eagle, yellow billed stocks, great cormorant, the giant king fisher among others. Other birds can be viewed at the nearby Budongo forest which is also known for Chimpanzees.


This park has two different boat launch trips/cruises that are done on the upstream boat cruise which carried out the this great waterfalls and in the downstream boat cruise to the Victoria delta which stretches to shore of the Albertine regions of western Uganda neighboring DR Congo.

All the boat cruises and launch trips begins at par which is the starting point at 2;00pm sharp all of them and lasts for only 3 hours. Tourists will be able to see animals like Hippopotamus, elephants, waterbucks, buffalos, kobs, giraffes and bird species among which are the Goliath Heron, shoe bill and many more, this offers the best tourist experience of a lifetime.


This is mainly done in the evening especially when the sun is down, its so rewarding that any sane tour agency will always include in the package to get the best experience while in Ugandan tour of this great Murchison fall trip. The walks in the park last for one to two hours and they can walk through the Kaniyo Pabidi and Rabongo forests where different animal and bird species can be viewed.

Short walks is mainly done from Sambiya River lodge or kabuki junction all of which offers the best satisfaction.


Budongo forest is a home of this mammals who are next to human and it is believed that, these animals are our immediate brothers because they behave like real human. They co-exist with one another, the feeding habbits also is a rewarding experience.


This serves apurpose in all aspects as its a home of aquatic species like Hippopotamus, fish and many others and the water bodies includes, Lake Kyoga, Albert, the nile river and the great falls itself which is also an amazing and rewarding experience once you visit this great tourist destination.


They are several accommodation facilities depending on one budget, and this ranges from Budget , mid-range and luxury accommodation as below.


Chobe safaris lodge

Nile safari Lodge

Bakers Lodge

Paraa Lodge


Budongo eco lodge

Fort Murchison Lodge

Pakuba safari Lodge

Sambiya Lodge


Murchison backpackers

Grassroots cottages and tours

Saltek forest cottages

Mama washindi Lodge


You will have access to this park that host the big five by road and air from the International airport of Uganda, Entebbe Airport. By road it takes 4-5 hours depending on the speed preferred by the tourist.

By air you are required to book the flight from Entebbe Airport or Kajjansi Airfield to Pakuba airfield which is within the vicinity of this great destination for tourists.